Everything you need for a Jewish Holiday nosh in 20 ingredients or less


With under 20 ingredients (plus pantry items), you can mix and match to prepare any (Ashkenazi) Jewish Holiday Meal. Just remember to buy onions. A lot of onions.

Appetizer: mix and match: pickles, pickled beets, pickled fish, pickled mushrooms, pickled tomatoes, eggs. Gefilte fish as desired. Serve with pickled horseradish. **If Passover, make salad of egg, parsley, horseradish, apples & nuts, lettuce and roasted lamb shank. Serve with salt water dressing and matzoh croutons. Feminists: add an orange. Vegetarians may substitute beet for the lamb shank.


Main dish: Is it Yom Kippur Break-fast? Yes – Lox. All other holidays: choice of Roasted Chicken or Brisket.

Soup: Is it Yom Kippur? Sorry, no soup. All other holidays: Matzo Ball

Starch: Is it Hanukah? Yes—Potato Latkes No: Is it Passover? Yes – potato kugel. All other holidays: Noodle kugel

Starch #2 – Bread: Is is Passover? Yes – Matzoh. Is it Yom Kippur Break-fast? Yes – Bagels. All other holidays: Challah

Vegetable: Is it Passover? Yes – Parsley. All other holidays, choose from the following: including Passover: carrots, beets, string beans (or a combination of the above). Add onions.

Dessert: Is it Rosh Hashanah? Yes – apples & honey. Is it Purim? Yes – Hamentaschen. All other holidays: combine flour, nuts, cinnamon and apple (optional) into desired form, unless it is Passover, at which time replace the flour with wine.

Special Bonus meal:

Breakfast: If Passover, combine matzoh & egg. Serve with salt. images-8


And of course, what  would a Jewish holiday meal be without the grape juice Manischewitz? images-6


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