One post, two healthy meal ideas, thank you very much!

After my cheat-y weekend in Princeton (cheeseburger, beer, salt bagel & lox; not in one meal!), it’s time to get back to business. I’m figuring my daily yard raking is a good activity, even though I question where all of those damn leaves came from – I raked in the fall…what’s up with that? Not to mention the pinecones! We spent a lot of time complaining about this past winter; I think my trees were doing the same, just in a different way; every pine tree in my yard (and there’s a lot) seems to have ejected every single pinecone from it’s branches.

I got some juice back into my system, and am on my way…last night’s dinner was a winner for sure. I had an idea for marinated fish kebabs and a chick pea masala-type dish. My local Hannaford doesn’t have the hugest selection of fish, so I usually go with an open mind and buy what looks best. Yesterday it was swordfish, which I generally don’t eat; it’s been years since I’ve last had it, but it looked good, so there you go. I whipped up a quick marinade of greek yogurt, lemon juice, Penzey’s Turkish seasoning, Savory’s Moroccan Tan Tan seasoning, salt & pepper, tossed that into my fish, which I cubed, and let it sit for an hour or so.

Next up, my chick pea masala. I hadn’t shopped in a week, so I had to use what was on  hand; I sautéed up a half an onion, some red bell pepper, and 3 cloves of garlic, then added a can of drained chickpeas & cut up a few kalamata olives and threw them in too. After they melded together a couple of minutes, I deglazed the pan with a little apple cider vinegar (maybe a tablespoon, tops), and added some spices; Turkish seasoning, Moroccan seasoning, smoked paprika, Penzey’s roasted garlic, salt, & pepper. I turned the mixture to low & let it simmer, figuring the longer it cooked, the better it would taste.

Mike G. got the grill going, and we got our kebabs going; after about 5 minutes a side and a quick baste with leftover marinade, they were grilled to perfection. Served up with squeeze of lemon, a little parsley, a chopped salad and the chickpea masala (topped with some scallions), it made a hearty, yet light-feeling meal…healthy and satisfying!

I still had more marinade, so tonight I marinated a couple of boneless chicken breasts in it & cooked them in my George Foreman. For a side/vegetable, I made my new favorite thing, roasted cauliflower and garlic puree. So simple…take a bag of frozen cauliflower and a few cloves of garlic (I think I used 5), toss in a little olive oil, salt & pepper, and roast at 450 for about a half hour, or until the cauliflower is getting caramelized and the garlic is softened up. When it’s done, add to a blender with 1/4 – 1/2 cup of chicken stock and a tablespoon of Parmgiano cheese & puree. It’s a vegetable that thinks it’s a side dish, and it’s great. The only problem is that you could easily eat an entire bag of frozen cauliflower by yourself, and I have a feeling that might not be a good thing.


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